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As a result of our four year provision of the services of Electrical Engineering Manager on an International Space Station (ISS) payload known as SpaceDRUMS®, we now offer the aerospace community electronics technical support services, including design, manufacture/assembly and testing, on a project-to-project basis. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduce those costly Preliminary Design Review (PDR) learning curve delays.
  • Learn from those that have been there and done it!
  • Bound to save you time and money throughout the life of your project!


In-House AutoCAD Environment
We do mechanical and electrical design using AutoCAD, thus ensuring file compatibility and design sharing integrity with the customer throughout the entire custom manufacturing process.
Safety Review Assistance
We have been there and done that and have valuable experience proven by passing (with flying colors) every stage of the NASA safety review process. To succeed as we have done in the past you need attention to details in all of the right areas. This is where we can help!
EMI/EMC Testing
We have experience moving our customer's full-rack, complex payload SpaceDRUMS® through NASA's EMI/EMC testing facility. We can eliminate costly test failures.

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