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Home Theatre



We Are Not An Audio Store

We are however, a group of highly skilled Home Theatre nuts and Forward Thinkers that just happen to be good at home renovation and know what's required to make today's house the High-Tech home of the future.

Our personal interest in quality audio, video, residential automation technologies and home renovation in combination with  years of "hi-tech" industrial experience has lead us to a very unique spot. ZenTechnical Inc. has become a place where we easily blend all of this experience into one; producing a skill set unique to the Custom Electronics Design and Installation industry.

  • We offer the kind of friendly help you would expect from fellow enthusiasts. 
  • We bring years of industrial experience working with high quality standards into the residential world environment. We know how to produce high quality and satisfying results without increasing the cost.
  • Our inherent high-level carpentry skills means we can tackle the "whole job" right from help with equipment selection to finishing or renovating a chosen area.
  • We can of course also work with your builder or architect to ensure your Home Theatre and/or Structured Wiring requirements are properly defined and executed in the construction or renovation of your home.

We do it all!

Home Theatre

Ah Home Theatre, just the sound of the those words thrills us here at ZenTechnical! Frankly, we can't understand why everyone doesn't share the same feeling, but many do and of those, lots insist on specifying and setting up their own system. But life isn't always that simple. Most people often just don't have the inclination or time to develop the necessary skills to build a Home Theatre from the ground up.

Our skill set would not be appreciated or even understood by those satisfied by a "Home Theatre in a Box"  system available from nearby big-box stores.

Our Home Theatre customers are serious enthusiasts who have a general understanding of what they want but lack the skills or perhaps the time to execute their requirements.

That's where ZenTechnical comes in. We can work with you, capture your requirements, and produce a design which fits your budgetary plans. We can handle BOTH equipment selection/installation/setup and home renovation phases required to put a new Home Theatre in your castle.

We'll help you chose the correct technology for your lifestyle; LCD, Vs DLP, Vs Plasma, Vs CRT; Direct View, Vs Rear Projection, Vs Front Projection; 5.1, Vs 6.1, Vs 7.1 and beyond; Exposed speakers, Vs Ceiling or Wall Mounted (hidden) speakers or perhaps a blend of both; hidden equipment systems Vs upfront and in your face equipment storage! Perhaps you want remote controlled lighting and curtains and even a genuine theatre popcorn machine nearby  The possibilities are almost endless!

Call Jim (709) 753-4989 at our St. John's location and arrange a free review of your requirements or make an appointment to drop by and experience our home theatre.

Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring in the residential sense, refers to Multi-Media wiring within a house enabling easy distribution and control of Voice (multi-line phone systems and intercom), Data (both home network and broadband internet sharing connectivity), Video (satellite, cable, streamed-video/photos), Audio (dedicated Home Theatre, multi-room stereo and satellite radio) and finally Security (Entire House varieties particularly within the context of new home construction).

Whether a home owner or construction contractor: call us and arrange a free consultation. New home or old, under construction or planning a renovation give Jim a call at 709-753-4989 (St. John's Newfoundland) or drop him an e-mail: jimlundy@zentechnical.com

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